Informal Reading of a New Musical

Yesterday, December 13, 2013 I had the honor and privilege of participating in an informal reading in Hollywood of a new musical called The First Gentleman. This musical was written by the brilliant Bret Simmons and David Howard. The show is about Russell Cassidy, the First Gentleman and how he copes and deals with being “the First Gentleman” and how he helps his family through the never-ending publicity and knowledge that they are always being watched by the public and by the government. I played the role of Steven Cassidy, Kathryn and Russell’s son, a 15 year old who just wants to live a normal life and do what he pleases. Even though he’s a little rebellious and doesn’t think everything through (as most teenagers do) he has a good heart.

It was huge honor to be reading this show with so many established and professionally working actors in the industry. I greatly enjoyed doing this reading and talking with fellow actors afterwards. I am so grateful to Bret for contacting me for this reading. I cannot wait to see how the show develops from here and what the next steps are for the show’s trajectory.


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