NYC Trip

Sorry it’s taken me so long to post another blog post. I have been very busy. But I wanted to share with you my amazing trip to New York City that I took in March.  It was truly incredible to live in NYC for a week exploring the sites and seeing 3 Broadway Shows.  The first show I saw was “Les Miserables.”  Melissa Mitchell is the older sister of my friend Madison Mitchell.  I’ve been so blessed to have gotten to know the Mitchell family these past 9 years.  Melissa is in the new revival cast and she is the Cosette understudy.  And it just so happened that she went on as Cosette on Tuesday night (the week I was in town).  So Madison got me a ticket.  It was so incredible to see her shine on that stage.  Melissa was brilliant!  And it was so nice to go out after the show and catch up with both Mitchell sisters and two of their friends.  I also saw “Gentlemen’s Guide to Love and Murder” which was wonderful!!  Such a clever, witty, and cute show.  So simple and so good!  And then the last show I saw was Disney’s “Aladdin.”  There was something about this show that truly touched me.  It was magical and beautiful.  Watching the show made me want to be up on that stage.  Courtney Reed is a fellow CCPA Theatre Conservatory Alum.  I was fortunate enough to meet her after the show and talk a little bit.  She is so lovely and incredibly talented.  She was the perfect Jasmine.  It was so inspiring to see a fellow Alum starring in a huge Disney Broadway Musical.  So special.

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