The Happiest of Times

Today we had final presentations of our 10 Minute Musicals in our 10 Minute Musicals class.  My 10 Minute Musical was “The Happiest of Times,” a story about the life of Bobby Steinberg and how finding his life partner Tom changed his life and how Bobby’s abrupt cancer changed their lives forever.  Set in the 1980s in New York City the play revolves around the gay community and how the AIDS epidemic severely affective many people’s lives.  The movie, “Long Time Companion” is very much like “Happiest of Times.”  It was one of the movies I had to watch as homework for preparing this role and piece.  It almost like a documentary of 3 gay couples and how their lives were affected by the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s.  It’s a very sad movie but was very insightful into the lives of these characters and what they went through: the fear, the rejection, and the pain.  In “The Happiest of Times” I played the role of Bobby and Zeke (my scene partner) played Tom.

Today’s performance went really well.  I was very proud and happy with the work that Zeke and I put into it.  Our hard work, dedication, and love for this piece really paid off.  Our presentations were open to invited guests and I was so happy that my good friend since high school, Adrian, was able to come.  It was nice having a friendly face in the audience other than my teachers and my fellow classmates.

All of the  musicals that presented today went really well.  The audience that we had seemed to love every single one.  I’m truly going to miss this class but I am so grateful for everything that I have learned.  This class has truly changed the way I watch theatre and look at a script.  I look forward to incorporating what I’ve learned about the Theatrical Contract and Character Analysis in my future work.



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