Top 10 “Grab and Go” Healthy Snacks for Performers

It’s Audition Season!!!!  And we all know what that means… sometimes 3 -4 auditions in a day.  When do you have time to eat?  Well, if you are vegan and gluten-free like me, it can be hard to keep your calorie intake up during a long day of auditioning  and taking class (while not being able to go home to make food).  I always have food on me (whether I have a backpack or a satchel with me).  Quick snacks that are high calorie are my go-to and higher calorie foods help me meet my daily caloric needs.  Let’s face it, eating out all the time is expensive!!!!  So having food with you is not only healthy for you, but it also helps your wallet.  So here are my Top 10 “Grab and Go” Healthy Snacks for Performers.  

  1. Go Macro Bars.  My favorite flavors are Protein Pleasure, Sunny Uplift, Everlasting Joy, Protein Purity, Blissful Daybreak, and Prolonged Power.
  2. Trader Joe’s Trail Mix (My favorites are: Go Raw Trek Mix,  Oh My! Omega Trek Mix, Simply Almonds, Cashews and Cranberries Trek Mix)
  3. Trader Joe’s Trail Nugget Pro Bars (Peanut Butter and Berry Flavors)
  4. Pack Protein Shakes and a shaker bottle in your bag.  (Brands: Vega, MRM Veggie Protein, and Garden of Life).
  5. Apples
  6. Trader Joe’s Dried Persimmons
  7. Trader Joe’s Dried Baby Pineapple
  8. Trader Joe’s Organic Dried Mango
  9. Trader Joe’s Beet Chips
  10. Trader Joe’s Plantain Chips


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  1. Linda Halopoff says:

    Great tips, Collin. Thank you!!!

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