My 7 Favorite Vegan Fitness Influencers on Instagram

When I first started implementing a plant-based diet, I wanted some role models.  Who doesn’t love a good role model, right?  When I went full-on vegan in 2012, the only vegan athletes/influencers I knew of were Brendan Brazier and Robert Cheeke.  Since 2012, Instagram was born.  It’s because of instagram, that I started to find incredible vegan athletes, body builders, influencers, and nutrition gurus to lean on for information and advice.  So here are my Top 7 Favorite Vegan Fitness Influencers on Instagram.  While there are so many vegan nutrition and fitness advocates out there, when I first started my vegan fitness journey, these were the individuals that I looked up to, gained information from and respected.  While I have only met Brendan in person, I hope I can meet all of these incredible humans one day to thank them.  Go follow them and give them some love!

Top 7 Favorite Vegan Fitness Influencers on Instagram:

  1. Derek Simnett (@simnettnutrition)
  2. Nimai Delgado (@nimai_delgado)
  3. Jon Venus (@jonvenus)
  4. Brendan Brazier (@brendanbrazier)
  5. Robert Cheeke (@robert.cheeke and @veganbodybuildingandfitness)
  6. Giacomo Marchese (@musclesbybrussels)
  7. Dani Taylor (@veganproteins)

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