Part 1: Top 6 Vegan Restaurants in Chicago


Many people ask me what my favorite vegan restaurants are or where I can easily eat out.  When I went to answer them, my answers varied depending on which city I was in.  I spent 8 years living in the amazing city of Chicago.  Every city is different in terms of what they offer for vegans and vegetarians.  So here is my part 1 of 3 series.

My Top 6 Favorite Vegan Restaurants in Chicago:

  1. The Chicago Diner
  2. Native Foods
  3. Veggie Grill
  4. Chicago Raw
  5. True Food Kitchen (vegan and vegetarian friendly)
  6. Lyfe Kitchen (vegan and vegetarian friendly)

All of the above restaurants I love and went back to regularly during my time in Chicago.  The food is delicious, unique, and the atmosphere is special to each restaurant.  You will not be disappointed dropping by any of these amazing restaurants.


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