Persimmon Apple Salad

I love Trader Joe’s Dried Persimmons!  So, naturally, I wanted to make a salad with dried persimmons as the highlight.  Here is my Persimmon Apple Salad:

Persimmon Salad


1 large handful of spinach

1/4 cup dulse

1/2 bell pepper, chopped

1/2 cup chopped roasted brussels sprouts

1/2 apple, chopped

4 dried persimmon pieces, chopped

2 tbsp raw cashews


  1. In a large bowl add spinach, pulse, bell pepper, brussel sprouts, apple, and persimmons and cashews in a bowl.
  2. Mix with dressing of your choosing (I used something light.  I recommend a balsamic vinaigrette or apple vinaigrette).
  3. Serve.  Enjoy!


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