Lysistrata Jones

Role: Mick

Lysistrata Jones

Director: Justin Brill
Music Director: Annabelle Revak
Choreographer: Shanna VanderWerker

Company: Mary-Margaret Roberts, Collin Sanderson, Kaleb Van Rijswijck, Maisie Rose, Gina Francesca, Jayla Williams-Craig, Ryan Armstrong, Mollyanne Nunn, Dwayne Everett, Xavier Euzarraga, Kyra Sorce, Merrick Robinson, Maurice Rex Randle, Miles Blim, Brandy Miller, Michelle Bester, Raymond Goodall, and Tuesdai Perry

Photography: Zeke Dolzalek & Evan Frank

"Boyishly handsome Collin Sanderson, as team captain Michelangelo “Mick” Jackson, makes his unmistakable mark as Chicago’s newest leading man." - Chicago Theatre Review

"Slackard basketball-playing partier Mick is perfectly played (and sung) by Collin Sanderson." - Chicagoland Musical Theatre

"Collin Sanderson has such heart as Mick, the misunderstood jock." - PerformInk

"Collin Sanderson gives realness to the 'dumb jock' persona and brings the audience through the journey of his character with charm and intelligence." - Picture this Post

"Collin Sanderson is hilarious and hunky as Michelangelo "Mick" Jackson, Lysistrata’s boyfriend." - Chicago Maroon